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I dont know that I have ever made a 7 min exposure in daylight. That said I am not sure I would fog film at 1/2 to 3.5 minutes. I would be willing to run some tests first.
My take is, if it fogs Efke 25 at 7 minutes (he said it read 53 out of 255 with his digital densitometer), it'll fog Fomapan 100 in under 2 minutes, which can be rushing things a bit if one is waiting for a lull in the breeze to make a 2 second exposure (after all, you'll generally have the dark slide out while you wait, so you can push the cable release when the moment seems right). Load Classic 400 and you'll be below 30 seconds for that same level -- much below 30 seconds after accounting for the change in reciprocity failure; I'm concerned whether I'd even be able to pull the slide, expose, and reinsert the slide fast enough to avoid significant fog on ISO 400. And I *like* fast film...

But there are enough low-tech solutions available that I should be able to use one or more to get me through until I can replace the Aletta bellows with one made from properly opaque material, or else trade up from the Aletta to something more capable.