Hi Murray

I do a lot of bleach sepia-selenium toning. I find it works best with colder tone papers*to my eye*.
I think for fibre base this combination is the most complex but permanent method of toning as it takes care of the highlights and the shawdows.

the sepia is most pronounced in the highlight and the selenium attaches to the shawdows.

By complex I mean more steps . my steps are as follows

dev. - stop. - fix 1 -. fix 2.- clear wash for 5-10 min- hypo clear 5 min- wash 20 minutes.- sepia bleach a 10secs to 60 secs depending on colour I want- wash till all bleach is off print - sepia toner till completion usually 1min- 30 minute wash- squeege - dry.

once you have your method , you will like the look