Yesterday was exciting as I almost fell off of the Takamatsu port water break in the 40+mph gusting winds. So what did I do while I was out there? I set of the 3x4 camera of course! Was splashed a whole bunch of times by the surf and had to grab the camera twice to keep it from falling over, but the composition looked so great I couldn't pass it up. I shot an image of myself on the 35mm of me with the LF in the background. Was really glad that I decided to get a UV filter for my walkaround 35mm lens as it is now covered in sea spray that I need to wash off before heading out again. Yesterday was another 12 km day, but today I'll probably jump past that as I will be walking all the way out to Ritsurin Park. Half of the 3x4 holders are empty and need to be loaded again so it's time for me to take a hot shower to ease the ache in these tired muscles, swath myself in layer upon layer, and then heave that 40lb bag up on my shoulders!

ps: Octopus is very weird tasting!