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If you guys are bored and have nothing to do, why dont you string the guy along and make him pay.

I dont recall the thread but someone here posted a link to a thread about a guy who got the scammer back. He strung him along for a while and at the end he "confirmed" he had received the notice from WU the money was waiting. So he told the scammer he was worried the computer would get lost or damaged, that if he could please send him a prepaid Fedex airbill so he could ship it Fedex. The scammer thinking he was going to get a computer for $125 buck sent the prepaid airbill....so the seller filled a box with old magazines and shipped it to the address on the airbill........ I thought it was pretty clever.
This is the thread Jorge http://www.theglover.net/home/node/56

The "Western Union" payment seems to be used quiet a bit with these scams, are they easy to forge?