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sounds very funny! just a few questions? why do teh scammers use bidpay? i am not sure i understand why your name and address tips you off to them being a scammer. i read about the guy who shipped the stuff fed ex, and scammed the scammer. i guess my question is how do you make sure and secure the payment with bidpay? i mean if bidpay says you have the money is this not in fact true? how should i protect myself? if the pay companies say i have the money, i should have the money, right? i have made several online purchases, but i have only sold 1 or 2 items.
thanks fo teh laughs
Eddie, BidPay sends the seller two e-mails as well as mailing a money order. BidPay needs name and mailing address to mail the money order, e-mail address to send the news that there is a money order. The first e-mail says, in essence, that the buyer has paid and that Western Union hasn't actually received the money. The second says, in essence, that Western Union has the cash in hand and that it is safe to ship. Given the ease of faking e-mails, ...