OK, it is amazing what a UV light can do for you. I bought the Elation UV Wash light for $150 and this thing appears to work just fine for my 4x5 negs. I went on a marathon last night - started around 5pm and didn't finish 'till 2am! Made all the platinum prints I wanted - with a semblance of consistency - for this round, even the next round's and just prints I wanted to try out. About 30 prints in all. Used the Photographer's Formulary Kit. It was like a production line! I see my developer is a weird colour though - I guess it's spent...

Prints will be mounted today and sent out on Monday. Then it's time to sleep.

Carl, Mike, John, Don, Gerhard and Mark, when you get these, please give me HONEST feedback. I can take it and I want to learn. This is my first time ever.

For example, how the heck do you spread the sensitizer evenly with a brush?

Regards, Art.