Hi Murray

I just realized that I did not add in the selenium side which I do after the sepia for reasons mentioned above.
Anns point about dilutions or strenghs of chemistry is the most important factor along with time in each chemical.

To keep your sanity try this.

8x10 paper cut in half and make lets say 20 identical exposures and develop to a print just slightly darker and flatter than you normally like.
Dry them all and then spend the next day pencil the back of each print the dilutions time ect. Put on Led Zepplin How the West was Won and do the tests.
As Bill points out the new Kodak Sepia Bleach is way to hot to control , I have decided to go to mixing my own in the future for consistency.

Try this with a couple of papers, cold and warm:
and amongst all the computations you will find a look that you like and on the back of the print your notes will be there.