Congratulations's easy to lose track of time once you get things all working
I agree with Don about the magic brush (Richeson 9010). Since I have not been to any type of workshop, or even worked with another alt. process printer can't tell you a right or wrong way to coat, just how I do it. Pour the substrate onto the center of the area I want to coat, then immediately start to work the solution (it's more like pushing the solution) around the area to be coated. Of course you are trying to make sure the area coated is even, which I seem to get by going up/down, left/right and then at a 45 degree angle. You know the when you are finished because the surface takes on a more velvet look. Not sure it matters, but I find using a 1 inch brush works best for 4x5's, but use a 2 inch brush for 5x7 and 8x10. Just be sure you move quickly, but not frantic.

Looking forward to seeing your work and promise to give you honest thoughts...just remeber I'm a novice at this too!