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Could be wrong, and if so my apologies...but these seem a bit out of place, almost like someone trying to find out why there scam failed?
I have jumped down the throats of people who I thought were spammers in the past, so I have tried to back off some (even though I was correct).

Given that this guy only has one other post--asking about how to sort classifieds by seller:

I'd be careful for a bit with offers on the classifieds--another round may be in the offing.

Sorry, Eddie, but since one of the tip-offs that this was a scam was the fact that people received offers for each item on the classifieds, asking how to sort the classifieds by seller would make me suspicious that you were trying to avoid this mistake in the future.


p.s. I hope you stick around, post a lot of useful information and good images and prove my suspicions wrong.