And here I am, retired from Eastman Kodak and trying to make film and paper in my darkroom. For 30 years, my hobby was my profession and I hated coming home at night and spending time in the darkroom after spending a good portion of the day in one, but I loved taking pictures outdoors.

At one time, I got all the free film I wanted. Sometimes I even coated my own film and paper for work, and had some left to test at home.

Now, here I am mainly in the darkroom trying to make and coat emulsions and I rarely have time to process and print pictures. How is that for a life?

Some would call me crazy.

Anyhow, like Aggie, we live near some beautiful scenery with 500 ft deep gorges and waterfalls everywhere. I love to go out and hike and shoot. My cameras are pretty dinged up from slips, slides and falls. But if anyone is up this way, I can show them those places, or if you would rather see how I coat my films and papers, well you can see that too. I've had takers for all of the above.