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If you don't mind little loving fluff balls (cats), I have a spare bedroom waiting anytime you venture this way. Just close your eyes while I drive you to some of my favorite places. Not to hide the route, but I know I scared the sh*t out of a few people the routes I take.
Aggie, my wife and I love cats!

However, with a choice of getting the workshop ready and travel, I guess I will have to go with the former rather than the latter. And the out of doors here is pretty ugly right now. Its about 20F (~ -5 C) with ice and snow everywhere and lots of gloomy clouds.

In fact, I'm having trouble today being inspired as to the latest experiment to do in the darkroom. I've had some great results with metal doping and contrast control, but I still want to get more. You know the old story. So, here I am with all the time I need, but no inspiration. It must be the weather.