Hi all

Finally Iíve bought the Epson 2100 and together with Dan Burkholder Inkjet Negative Companion Iíve tried to make them work together when I realized that the paper settings choices with the 2100 driver are different from the 2200.
The settings advised using Pictorico OHP Film are Enhanced Matte Paper at 2880 dpi, but in the 2100 driver the only paper options at 2880dpi are for Glossy Paper- Photo weight and Premium Semigloss Photo Paper.
For the Archival Matte Paper and the Watercolor Paper Radiant White maximum print resolution is 1440 dpi.

Iíve downloaded the 2200 Driver but it didnít work with the 2100.
What settings should I use with the 2100 to match the results described by Bourkholder ?
Can you help me here ?
This can be very useful for me and others european users of this printer at the production of digital negatives with Pictorico.

Kindest regards from Portugal

Manuel Gomes Teixeira
Punctum Studios- Primitive Photography