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PE, remember that announcement a while back about formate doping? Supposed to be something best for B&W film. Ever hear anything more about it? Would it have a place in homebrewed emulsions?

Hope you get your inspiration, I know what thats like, haven't shot or done any darkroom work in months.
Gary, I've read that article and talked to two of the people who worked on the EK 2 electron sensitization project. I'm giving it some thought.

Considering the cost of some of the chemicals involved, I guess it may be impractical, but I am reserving judgement on this until I get further along in my own work.

I did some metal and ionic doping experiments tonight. Easy to do for the average photographer, just like adding benzotriazole to a developer to decrease fog. I'll see what this batch does at 4x metal and 2x ionic dopant. At 1x metal and 2x ionic, I got 1 contrast grade and about 2 stops in speed. This time I think I'm over the hill. I'll probably lose speed.

I also added a development accelerator to the melt to see if I could increase the contrast. A friend suggested that to me. So, there it is, you are all up to date and can take pity on me.

Just like Davros, always asking the Doctor to take pity on him.