Hi everyone:

I just posted this message in the other thread. Ray and I are oraganizing a group purchase of Palladium Chloride. Let us know how much you would like to order:

I contacted both Artcraft and Engelhard today and got price quote. Here's the deal:

250-500g: $8.80/g
1 kg: $8.30/g

250g: $8.00
500g: $7.75
1 kg: $7.50

I am asking a rep from Engelhard about other costs associated with a purchase. I did not contact the other place overseas since I am very reluctant to send a huge amount of money to overseas where I cannot speak the language and cannot get hold of them locally. Plus, there is 20% tax for importing Palladium if you do it legitimately. So the difference will not be worth taking a risk (not to mention, I do not want to take a risk with other people's money).

Also, I am hoping everyone would agree on a minimum order of 25 grams. That way, we can ask them to pack individually when we order. I would assume anyone who is interested in this purchase would be OK with this.

Let us know how much you would like to order. Again the more the better! Hope to hear from you soon.