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Congratulations Art...it's easy to lose track of time once you get things all working
The good times always seem to go so fast!
I agree with Don about the magic brush (Richeson 9010).
Thanks for the technique. I'll give that a try. One thing I have to do is 'darken' my margin lines so I don't spread the sensitizer to thinly over an area larger than I need. Also, I'm going to get this brush.
Looking forward to seeing your work and promise to give you honest thoughts...just remeber I'm a novice at this too!
I'm really quite nervous about this, since it was a lot firsts for me - first 4x5, first Polaroid type 55 film use, first picture of the day, first time PT printing, first time use of a UV light source that no one else seems to use, first time using this funky contact printer which I still haven't read anywhere what I am suppose to look for when I peel back the print, first time trying to spread a few drops of sensitizer over a thinly drawn margin in a darkroom with a small safe light, first time using my new bathroom as a darkroom, first time using my kitchen as the developing, etching, washing and drying area...egad!