I call myself an armchair photographer because I spend more time reading about, plotting and planning projects, buying obscure camera parts and collecting film than shooting it!

I work two jobs & commute alot, and am getting in the habit of carrying a camera in the car, but have yet to get up the nerve to lurch to a stop on the shoulder of the highway and get out.

Interests (I assume so, based on having accumulated stuff in these areas):

Minor camera repair: Agfa Ventura 69 folder, Moskva V 6x9 folder, 4x5 Crown Graphic & Speed graphic.

Spot meter experiments: reverse engineering corroded Pentax 1/21 analog meter, possible conversion to photodiode.

Pinhole: Shot one roll 35mm with non-optimal pinhole for f.l. and didn't like afocal look. Will try larger format; either a 120 rollfilm or 4x5 sheet sometime soon. Collect cans of all sizes and shapes for future pinhole cameras.

Camera construction: Plans for re-use of Kodak Aerial lenses 309 mm f/2.5 w/ no shutter, 610 mm f/6 with unsprung shutter converted to small DC motor (plan to clear browning glass with UV lamps) in box cameras. Similar motorized conversion of Kodak 6" f/6.3 Topogon (looks like Metrogon) in either box or 8x10 bellows on monorail depending upon how large lens board ends up being.

Enlarger projects: 6x9 and 120 panoramic cold head using fluorescent lamp, 8x10 or larger (11x14?) using 40 pound monochromatic lens and blue fluorescents (superactinic ie marine coral lamps), with graded paper.

Film of interest: Aerial 5" Kodak 2402, Graphic arts lith film (want to try Soemarko recipe for continuous tone.

Alternative process interest: Argyrotype because of Mike Ware's work in pinpointing and bypassing lightfastness sensitivity to pH.

Lenses of interest: Process lenses: Agfa/Helioprint 150, 210 mm f/9, Ilex 360 mm f/9, 687 mm f/8 monochromatic, meniscus and achromats disassembled from other lenses.

Picture framing: Co-own gallery & frame shop with wife.

Anything else unconventional that invites (or discourages) a DIY approach.