Sounds like you have the ultralight backpacker's version of the 8x10" Gowland. I've got a slightly heavier older version of the 8x10" that has rear swing and tilt, and I've replaced most of the knobs with bigger, more comfortable ones that are easier to tighten. I've got quite a few spares if you're interested, and if your current knobs are 1/4"-20 thread. Some of them may need to be cut down, and the ones on the front standard will also have to be filed a bit just to taper the screw tips so they hold down the lensboard properly.

I've found the easiest way to deal with the 8x10" Gowland in the field is to leave the rail on the tripod, and the camera in the backpack. I carry it in an ordinary padded knapsack designed for laptop computers and pack it with the rail removed.