Hi all,

I have a couple Unicolor drums that I've been using that leaks a small amount. I want to try PMK, but wanted to use sealed tanks. I read online you can try applying silicon to the seal, press tank and lid together, wait to dry, unscrew and ya got a new seal. No. tried once, and it ripped apart breaking the seal...tried again w. more silicon, and now I can't get it open! LOL

Anyway, I like being able to add chemicals in daylight...so I scrapped those BTZS tubes. Jobo has a single reel 4x5 tank for like $125...and that expert drum for 4x5 does 6 sheets at a time buts costs $250! Wow. Anyway, Xmas is coming and need to know what to get. I plan on using my unicolor/besseler motor bases for rotary processing.

Thanks for any and all ideas!!