One of the reasons I went with this print shop is that they came highly recommended. Their other jobs they showed me when I went in for my initial meeting looked good. This is my first print job here in Salt Lake, so I was hesitant, but the recommendation was good.

I provided them with a complete set of soft-proofs, printed from my Epson 4000. They are using them as the go-bys.

The first press check was a disaster, and this one tonight was a lot better.

They're just missing the ICC profile to do the CMYK conversion. They couldn't provide it to me when I requested it, so I delivered RGB files in ProPhoto color space.

If you can e-mail me the ICC profile for that NexPress (glbeas), I think that's the missing link.

The printer is contacting his sales-rep to see if they have it or if it is included in the documentation and software for the machine.

Any help you can provide would be GREAT.

I knew APUG was a great resource, it's depth is amazing.