Everything mentioned above is excellent advice!

Aggie sounds as if you used to hang around in the same places I did.
I have had excellent service from Rio Grande over the years. They stock some of the finest blades I have ever used. I have worked for years with Gold, Silver, Brass and copper and steel. Next to picture making I guess it is my second love!

The layout dye I am currently using is called Dykem, and comes in several different sizes. Buy a small can, as it can/will dry up fairly quick with the lid left off. Dykem is similar to the old Prussian Blue, but is much easier to work with, and remove. Available from most machine shop suppliers.

I don't think you will need to worry about "work hardening" or annealing,
as the hardware for a camera front is pretty much cutting, drilling and fileing. I use Sharpie pens for simple lay outs.