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Do most of you trim your work when dry mounting (i.e. trim the white border)? Also, how do most members mount their work - dry mount/corners/hinge/other? Thanks
No, I don't trim.

I have been cutting an undermat, using Bienfang "Canvasette", for the texture, and a overmat of 2-ply mat board, either black or white ... BUT:

I am think of going to what would be an 18% gray for the overmat. Some colors "work" others do not ... and I have *no* idea why.

I had been hinging, using self-adhesive linen tape. I avoid, like the plague, the water-moistened tape as it has proved to be unstable as $%#$5, resulting in wrinkling in the frame.

I plan, in the future to use nothing but 'foamcore' as backing - either hinging to the undermat, or cold (spray) mounting to the foamcore with good old 3M 77 adhesive.

Interesting subject. I am going to re-mount everything I will exhibit in 20" x 28" frames -- (in England: 28" x 20") - portrait-wise, and mat to the necessary format, landscape, portrait, or most probably square.

There is a certain "rhythm" established by the same frame size and presentation, which I like. The images themselves will vary in size as they seem to work aesthetically.