This will be spiral bound on the short end of the 12x18, so no folding (I HATE folds).

They're going to die-cut out the little half-moon shape for the wire spiral binding, and the samples they showed me were nice.

There are SO many variables in the chain of production. I think of clear back to even buying my airline tickets to go on the trip these images were made on...even that had many variables. It just gets more complex from there.

I must warn you though, and for the APUG disclaimer, all of the images were captured digitally. I am a control freak, and maintaining the integrity of the files, the color management, the soft-proofing, the design of the calender, etc...was all done by myself. So, handing my baby off to the printer, especially one who needs a bit more training, is proving to be very frustrating.

Michael there at your shop has been VERY helpful. I'm sending him a copy of the final product, so yes, at least you will be able to see how this turns out.

I have a limited number of months hidden away on my website and can load them all if folks really want to see how this is going to turn out.

EDIT: Here are a few small .jpgs of some months I uploaded.

Thanks again...I just missed you when I called earlier. They said you had just left. I'm thinking you headed out for some Christmas shopping.