Hi All,

I'm thinking of getting a MF camera to lug around when I don't want to shoot 4x5, but want a larger negative than my Canon A2E 35 system.

I bought a Contax T3 for fun as a p&s...and had my first exposure to Carl Zeiss lens...WOW! I can't believe the difference comp. to all 4 of my Non-L Eos lenses. So now I'm hooked on wanting a camera that supports Zeiss lenses...I've researched and found that Rolleiflex SL66 (no ttl metering though) w. a 80mm lens can be had for around$600...or a Hasselblad C series w. a 80mm for about $1000 (haven't done alot of research yet on all the diff. C series). Any things to consider here b/w these two? Any reasons to choose one over the other?

I am just pondering the thought right now and thought it might be interesting to hear other viewpoints re. these cameras.

Thanks for any opinions!!