My first thought on this thread was, "I have a Mockba 4 that isn't getting much use...complete with slide film and a mailer for processing." The Mockba only gets 8 6x9 images from a 120 roll. Also, the double exposure protection can take some getting used to.

Then I started thinking....hmm, I could get a Kiev (contax copy). I could have it sent directly to the first user, and I could be the last user. That way, when it shows up, I could tell my wife, "Oh, this is just the travelling camera project camera from APUG, not something I just purchased." Since it would take a while to get back to me, it would be a technically correct statement...

It is a sickness.


(p.s. when can we get the ULF camera that goes around the world? You know, get Ole to load up some holders and send the great Soviet Camera on it's way...I promise to send it back!)