I have a couple of FG's and an FG-20 to supplement my Leica-R equipment. I wear glasses and always had trouble seeing the full frame on the FM/FE line; it doesn't have the relief that the F3 HP had. The FG is extremely light, offers full manual along with aperture-preferred and program. It has TTL flash metering with the SB-15 flash, widely available. I've got the little motor drive and it'll also use the EM winder. It's no larger than an OM-1 which is why I love it. It has the usual Nikon centerweighted metering that I've used since the 60's, along with a backlight comp button I never use. The readout is in red LED's for shutter speed. The only thing it doesn't have for me is the aperture readout in the finder which I don't mind. I've owned FG's since the 80's and have found them extremely reliable. The only other drawback to this body, in common with the FM2 and FE2 and later, is the inability to run non-AI lenses. All of mine are AI or AIS so it doesn't matter. I've never used the program mode so can't speak for that but the metering with manual or aperture-preferred is spot-on. If you don't want program or TTL flash the FG-20 is even smaller and lighter and just as great to handle. It's a perfect traveling companion and a great platform for those fantastic Nikkor lenses!