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But every report I read of the dreaded Hassy jam and other problems makes me wonder whether I should consider Rollei instead.
I haven't had a "dreaded Hassy jam" for some years now. This occurs when one removes the uncocked lens after an exposure without advancing the film. When it does occur, a small screwdriver applied to the proper slot in the lens cocking shaft and turned will re-cock the shutter and everything will be OK.
It is one of those deals where it becomes a learned reflex. I'm not sure I *could* remove an uncocked lens now - it would be as probable as shifting into first gear in an automobile with the engine running - without depressing the clutch.

There are many reasons to go with the Hasselblad, in my book. One was their dedication to interchangeability beyond model changes. Lenses and accessories made in, and available in, November of 2003 will fit bodies produced in the 1960's. Another is depreciation - the 'Blads I bought in 1993 are worth more now than when I bought them (yes, I know the dollar was worth more then ...) and nothing else I know as far as operating systems comes close.

Just "food for thought".