Just another "I bought a new camera" post
Well, I was using my little mjuII for some 'lunch break' street snaps but found a few shots per roll were letting me down from a quality standpoint and lack of DOF control. I began the hunt for a similar type of point and shoot (prefer slr) with more functionality but also very small in size and small in price.


I came close to getting a used leicaR with a prime lens but it was about 4x more than I wanted to spend. I then handled a Pentax *ist with the 28-80lens at a local camera shop and found it a pretty neat little camera. It is amazingly tiny for an slr (apparently the world's smallest slr). I ordered one up from BH since they ship to NZ, also saved over 600NZ by getting it from the US (if it doesn't work out I can always sell it for a profit). I'm looking forward to taking it for a spin and since I do not print over 8x10 the quality should be fairly good. I also ordered 4 rolls of fp4 plus in my bid to start supporting Ilford more. It seems people like rating this film at 200.. I have not settled on a developer yet so open to suggestions for a nice contrasty look with controlled highlights..