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Any things to consider here b/w these two? Any reasons to choose one over the other?
Rollei Advantage: front movements. To my knowledge this is the only medium format reflex camera with swings and tilts. If perspective corrections are important to you, you may give this one the nod.

Hasselblad Advantage: ergonomics. You hold it in your left hand, trip the shutter with your left index finger, and both focus and crank with your right hand. You can go through an entire roll without your eye ever leaving the viewfinder. Truly an extension of your hand, just like a Leica. After a few rolls, you don't think about anything except the picture. You can't do this with a Rollei because the damned focussing knob is on the left side. So, if the camera is hand held, you hold it in your right hand to focus, then switch hands to expose and wind for the next exposure. This is true of both the SL66 and the TLR, and it drives me nuts.

I've had 3 different Hasselblads over the last 35 years and have never had the "dreaded Hassy jam" happen. Not once. I wouldn't let that enter into my thinking at all.