Martha Casanave June 23-25 2006 Limited to 10
Tuition $290.

This three day workshop will introduce participants to two fun versions of lensless photography, pinhole imagery and cyanotype photograms. We will make pinhole cameras out of 35 mm cameras, out of Holga cameras (2 1/4 format), and out of paint cans, for panorama paper negatives. *With the roll-film cameras, we can use color or black and white CN film, for feedback during the workshop. We can develop the RC paint-can paper negs and make contact positives durng the workshop itself. Most importantly, we will talk about pinhole vision, what it is, and how it is different from seeing with other cameras. *Emphasis will be on how we can *best utilize the special properties of pinhole.

Cyanotype is an ultraviolet contact printing process resulting in a rich blue print. The creative possbilities are endless, as the emulsion can be applied to watercolor paper or textile selectively, and any variety of objects, botanicals or hand-painted negatives can be used. These images can then be hand-colored, if desired.

These three days of fun will give you a good basis *for continuing experimental work with both methods. Watch out: you may get hooked! Sign up at your own risk!

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