I've been wanting to check this place for over twenty years but never got around to it.

While on a break yesterday I had the opportunity to check out Bel Air Camera in Westwood (L.A., UCLA area) for the first time and was very pleasantly surprised at the large darkroom section stocked with an impressive assortment of papers and chemistry It has to be about the largest darkroom dept. in L.A. with the exception, maybe, of Freestyle in Hollywood. Bel Air has a huge selection of used analog equipment also. Seems like most of the "big stores" in town have gotten out of the used market. This store, with a good number of employees on the selling floor really has an almost "retro" look and feel of a big camera store circa 1984! (Yes, they do sell all of the latest digital stuff-they just don't beat you over the head with it).

When I mentioned that I was delighted to see that the store is still committed to analog photography the clerk said that UCLA students were its main analog customers. Not too surprising but good news nevertheless.

If you're in the West L.A. area, you should check this store out.