Tried stand development for the first time today...

I had some pre-mixed FX-2 sitting around from developing this weekend's worth of 5x7" film. I did half in Pyrocat-HD, half in FX-2 to see what the difference is.

I also had two 9x12cm films (EFKE PL100), which I felt wasn't enough to bother with JOBO tanks and reels. Also, they're on the small side for DBI. So I dug out an ancient Johnson Cutfilm Developing tank (a truly hopeless piece of equipment for normal processing).

Put the film in the tank, lid on, filled up with water. Had a cup of coffee. Drained off water, measured it to 890ml. Poured in 890ml FX-2. Had another coffee, a cigarette, went out to see if the mail was in yet, surfed the net etcetera. No agitation at all (the tank isn't made for it), hence the presoak.

After one hour I poured out the developer, did a qiuck water rinse, then fix (TF-4, 10 minutes without agitation).

Negatives are exellent! No sign at all of bromide drag or suchlike, good shadows, good highlights, good tonality...

I'll definitely try this again, since it lets me :Zzz: