I'm quite surprized of the extreme margins the industry still seems to be able to make in the U.S. marketplace. In Germany, by comparison, C-41 film development costs as little as 99 EUROcents and prints are from 4 cents each (one drugstore chain goes as low as 1 EUROcent but charges more for the development and does not allow one to give back and not pay for prints one does not want). Film can be had for under 1 EURO (even brand name films!)--- earlier in the year 6 packs of Agfa Vista 200/36 where going for just under 6 EURO at the drugstores. And on that ~ $ 2.50 USD development + 36 prints at the drugstore? Done by CeWe and YES they are making a good profit and handling many millions of films a year and making a profit. The big lab too is quite profitable and CeWe printed last year over 3 1/2 billion prints! Talk about economies of scale!
The projections for 2005 are 2.6 billion analog colour prints and 0.9 billion digital prints. Within the last year they have had insignificant fluctutations in demand but a shift from analog to digital and thus an increase in profitability (there continues to be a higher willingness to pay "slightly" more for digital as the consumer thinks its cheaper).