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It's a shame their website doesn't reflect that they still support film. I've been to LA a dozen times the past two years and the one reason I didn't bother with going to BelAir is this fact.

I'll pay them a visit next time I'm out there. Thanks for the info.

Regards, Art.
You're so right Bart! After I posted this thread I did go to the website and was surprised that not one mention is made of all the great analog stuff they actually carry. I did send them an email asking about it and this was the reply from Mr. Fred Silvers-

Thank you very much for your compliment regarding our darkroom inventory.
Due to the amount of work necessary in the up-keep of the web versus the
demand for the product, we don't include darkroom supplies.

We'll be happy to help you with any of your darkroom needs."


I wonder if camera store managers worry that advertising or otherwise making it known that they carry "that old, obsolete, darkroom stuff" might make them look less hip, slick, and cool to the general buying public?

Will the analog "contraband" soon be hidden in small back-rooms of our favorite camera stores?