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However when the 2 chems A+B are mixed in distilled water they are still clear with no noticable colour shift. Should I see a yellow tinge?

I am happy with the negs as they show good highliht detail and contrast and will print them tomorrow but just wanted to know what was normal with Pyrocat with other users. I get concerned when everyone speaks of the brown staining and I get pink. The fixer solution was fresh as was the HCA afterwards but I did not presoak the negs.


I bought my chemicals from the same source. When the stock solutions are fresh I get basically no color in the tray solution. When they get a little age they will tend toward a pinkish/orange tan color in the tray. As film is developed the developer solution becomes more brown/black in my experience.

I did encounter a pink cast to a sheet of FP4 that I developed this morning. In that case the film was underexposed by a stop and one half and density was very thin. (I brush develop in tray). For the balance of the film that I developed at the same time the pink cast was not apparent. Pyrocat will give a very faint brownish stain to the low value densities (depending on silver density) and the stain effect becomes more pronounced as densities increase. However this almost needs to be measured by densitometer to fully appreciate the stain effect.