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I got tired of measuring out drops of Pt and Pd so I ordered some 2cc calibrated pipettes from B & S. When I tried to use them today I found that 0 was at the top end and 2 cc near the pointy end with extra room to spare beyond that to the tip. I expected to have the calibration so that as I drew up the liquid It would tell me how much was in the pipette. I was wondering what other people use? I would need calibrations in 0.1cc. Thanks

I've been using Pipettes like this for years - 1 ml, 2 ml, 5 ml, 10 ml. Once you get used to reading them 'backwards', they're a snap. Don't worry about the 'extra room' at the tip. Precision is more important than accuracy. Or do I have that backwards? At any rate, it doesn't matter if it's off as long as it's always off by the same amount, which it is.