Well, with camera now in hand, I see an additional snag -- the bellows is on the thick side, and possibly longer than it needs to be. With a 135 mm lens mounted, the bellows is so compressed as to allow virtually no movements, and I'm not completely certain it would allow infinity focus with that focal length (haven't rearranged the standards vs. tripod mount to allow getting things that close together to be sure), yet there's lots of folds left when I extend the bellows to the limit the supplied rail allows; the bellows itself look as if it would accommodate 400 mm or more of extension between lens board and ground glass.

Upgrading the rail to a longer one with the tripod mount separated from the rail (is it still a "monorail" camera if you have the rail supported at the ends by a second rail carrying the tripod mount?) won't be any big deal, and I was planning to make a bag bellows anyway, so not insurmountable -- but adding still more thickness to this bellows isn't a good idea, I think. I'll have to look at the coating options to see which ones will add the least thickness as well as keeping stiffness down.