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When mixed together with distilled water the working solution turns yellow (others have gotten a pink colour in their working solution). I presoak for 5 minutes and always use fresh fixer. The brownish stain is quite obvious.
Francesco, Sandy
I bought the raw materials from artcraftchemicals in US and mixed according to Sandys instructions. However when the 2 chems A+B are mixed in distilled water they are still clear with no noticable colour shift. Should I see a yellow tinge?


In my conditions I get a slight shift to an amber color when the A+B solutions are mixed with water. However, this may vary slightly according to age of solutions and alkalinity of water. If your negatives develop normally then your developer is ok, regardless of the color shift, or lack thereof.

Negatives developed in Pyrocat-HD will look either slighly brown in color, or sometimes almost neutral. However, the color pink is definitely not an artefact from either Pyrocat-HD or from any other staining developer. This is antihalation backing that has not been completely removed.