Aggie - The scratches, grain, artifacts, dust, etc, are from PS. This was 120 TriX developed in D-76 (straight or 1:1, can't remember), as 400asa, with a coupla extra minutes. Because of the unreliability of the diana exposures and my taste for high contrast I always find it safer to add some extra time... Anyhow, it was the fiddling with levels that exaggerated everything (artifacts, grain, etc) so much. An 8x8 print would probably be pretty much grain free from a comfortable viewing distance. And the contrast in the negatives is fine, it's just that my scanner doesn't do negs that well.

glbeas - I've never used an unsharp mask in the darkroom! *blush* I remember reading about it, and it sounded horribly complicated. I don't remember how to do it now, but I'll look up some info. Thanks for the suggestion.

Joe - You mean make 3 8"x8" grain negatives to sandwich with the enlarged diana negs? That's a good thought, rather than take the chance of ruining an otherwise good enlargement by messing up the grain somehow. It would require more positive/negatives but might still be worth it. Hmm... maybe I could just enlarge the tmax 3200 35mm onto paper to see how the grain looks... maybe sandwiched with a neg containing only middle grey, so I can see the grain. And then make the negs when I like it. But I still don't know if it matters whether the 'grain screen' is a positive or a negative... anybody?

Ole - those examples look promising!! I have no clue about lith... I'm 22, bought my first real camera when I was 19 (Canon FTb), and built my darkroom a year and a half ago after taking a summer course (photo 101). So I mean it when I say I'm a newbie. I certainly know what a lith print is, and yet I really don't know, if you know what I mean. I'll look that up too.

Thanks for all the help! Somebody also directed me to a site where I could get affordable 8x10 dupe film, continuous tone, even, so I don't have to go through all the trouble of altering chemicals to be sure the ortholith comes out with a decent tonal range, and then have to make a negative from the positive. I think I ought to order some and make this easier...