This morning, I removed the cover from the whipped eggwhites, spooned off the froth and filtered the liquid thru' a linen cloth. What I got was a fairly clear liquid.
I headed out to a local arts supply store (Wallacks fyi) where the store manager asked me what process I was attempting and then proceeded to show me Stonehenge and Arches papers. I now have a couple of samples to try coating with the albumen liquid.
Nest week I'll order up the items needed for the sensitizing and give it a try.

Two things :

1) The store manager seem quite familiar with the albumen printing process even though he had not done it himself and offered up the thought that it might not be long before traditional photographers and artists were shopping in the same stores. He opined that traditional photographers were being marginalised in much the same way the traditional artists have been by reduced support from their usual lines of supply.

2) I'm sorry (for myself) that Aggies comments were deleted. She usually has something good to offer.