The notion that Art is what connects us to the world and each other through beauty is often expressed; for another example see the Editorís comments in LensWork #49. As in LensWork and this thread these types of remarks always seem somewhat suspect to me. The context in which these remarks appear seem to indicate some ulterior motive or justification on the part of the participants or artists (itís best to be suspicious of what I say here also). Iím not sure if Art or even Great Art can escape itís context, the world of appearances, to some other place where beauty and some immutable truth merge. Would not this some other place where beauty equals truth be beyond the world of appearances? How can a photograph which is rooted in the world by itís very scientific nature - lens-camera-film-chemistry - point beyond the world of appearances? ďBeauty is truth, truth beautyĒ are these five words enough or are they perhaps five words too many? In this context Iíd like to think that beauty is like an egg and ideas like sperm and Art the combination of sperm and egg. Iíd like to think that really Great Art grows to transcend entanglements in any present, past or future contexts. What could the mechanism of this growth be? Would it not be the Artist infused with the Ideas and Art of the present and past reaching not only toward the future, but beyond it and beyond him or her self?