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Iím not sure if Art or even Great Art can escape itís context, the world of appearances, to some other place where beauty and some immutable truth merge. Would not this some other place where beauty equals truth be beyond the world of appearances? How can a photograph which is rooted in the world by itís very scientific nature - lens-camera-film-chemistry - point beyond the world of appearances? ďBeauty is truth, truth beautyĒ are these five words enough or are they perhaps five words too many?
"Some other place..." I would suggest that there *IS* such a place - it is called "self, soul, psyche, .... spirit." And to pre-answer - no, I can't be sure - I can't prove that any of these exist - although I am confident that they do.

Those "five words" ... are we falling into a "black and white - with no shades of gray - and nothing outside of the boundaries" trap here? I think they are immensely important ... but not absolute, or absolutely complete.

Beauty is truth and truth beauty - certainly. It is also possible, on some level, to have beautiful lies. Picasso once said, "The moment you lie for the sake of beauty - you become an artist."