Possibly it will be of some use here to define and expand on a few "code words" here -- "To me" and its corollary, "In my book" (many others exist).

I would say they mean, "In my opinion (hopefully *well* thought out opinion) - realizing that I am an individual and not the keeper of the absolute truth - although I am always searching for the same .... my individual view, right or wrong is that ..."

Let us recognize that OPINIONS are fair game... they can be discussed, argued about ... all in the name of the "search for truth". Our PRINCIPLES are NOT "fair game" - they are sacred - part of our being - and we should protect each others' - even BEYOND the point of absurdity.

That is what this thread is intended to be about ... Our *individual* pre-conditioning - our mindsets and views of the world - how they affect, and are the "building blocks" of our work - and the works of other photographers and artists.

My (our?) goal is the understanding of how this engine called "art" works ... I don't think we'll ever make it ... (damn near certain of that) but the SEARCH is everything.