Well, with the Part Deux camera having safely arrived in Australia, negs having being scanned and published, it occurred that maybe it would be unique to send the travelling camera back home again.

Unfortunately, as the Vivitar Compact camera demonstrated, this particular camera doesn't travel so well with 15 stops around the globe, with a failure of either the film advance mechanism, or the return lock (the button you press to enable rewind) probable causes of multiple exposures.

I had an idea! Why not send a similar camera back through the same route?

I'm going to pick a camera at random. Okay, it'll be my wifes Kodak Compact Camera. It'll be loaded with 24 exposures of HP5 (same film as the original camera).

It'll be launched from here (Sydney, Australia on Feb 1 2006) to eventually end up at the place the whole idea started, nsmith01tx, in Texas, USA.

All previous participants are included in the return trip. If you have already indicated acceptance don't bother doing it again. If you haven't let me know or are not interested please let me know.

We had some folks who dropped out during the trip here, so if you're new and interested in participating let me know. There are a couple of free shots available.

I've reserved 2 shots for BobF if he choses to participate as his shot the last round magically disappeared.