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I have some probs with this specific paper. After selenium toning & when dry, the paper shows patches of small, white, hexagonal cell-type marks in the emulsion (like honeycomb).

This hasnt happened with MGRC warm tone or any other paper I use - any ideas?
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Have you reviewed your drying technique? The gloss surface of modern VC papers are not meant to be ferrotyped or touching anything. I've tried hang drying until the curl begins and then running them thru a rotery dryer at low temp with emulsion to the canvas - not the chrome drum and even when dried they blotch. Emulsion side to even a warm drum will melt the plastic gloss. I think the only way to dry glossy VC paper is to hang it from clothes pins in a 'clean room' and then a dry mount press using release paper.

If this is how you're drying them, then I have no clue.