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I've most always seen video/movie filming and audio recording prohibited in the scripts they buy. I haven't seen anything prohibiting still photos, but then these companies never cease to find new things to crack down on. Even when they charge a fee per person attending and publicity photos from rehersals would boost attendance. We get mailings from the local playhouse and they often show photos. Of course around here most people are legally illiterate and the rest don't care.

Doug, thank you for your comment. I'm just guessing still photos are perhaps okay, but today when you say photography, it's more than the stills because digital video cameras are so handy and usable.

But the kind of video-taping that people would do is of course not for pirating the someone else's copyrighted material(s). But they just want their records of the things they've done that are intangible.

However, legally speaking I'm not sure because it's the court that decides on each case according to the U.S. copyright office, and the cases brought to the court are mostly big-budget commercial products. But still that doesn't mean it's okay in a small and personal scale. So I wanted to hear more opinions about this here.