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Videoing the play would be an obvious no-no. However if you're interested in shooting the PRODUCTION of the play, then short extracts could probably fall under fair use. Shooting from the wings, and keeping the sections of the play to a few seconds, while cutting it with other material would give you stronger argument here.

Ian, thank you for your comment. Maybe less than a minute out of 20 minutes of a edited video/film is okay? I know it depends on the content, but just generally speaking about the length and the ratio. The worst comes worst, I'll kill the audio for those cuts that are no more than a few.

Right, it's the production of the play as you pointed it out that I'm trying to show in public as a short documentary piece. And as far as I know, I'm getting more confident that it's safe and arguable at this point after getting a lot of good advice from you fellow APUGers.

Thank you.