I was being nice, but yes, you are right. It was also around the time that the discussion turned to a team of photographers whose name I can't recall right now who made elaborate sets and MASSIVE statements to "document the plight of the working class".

The statements were very much based on semiotics and insanely hard to read and decipher.

Apparently their goal was to convince "the elites" of what the plight of the "working class" was to facilitate change.

Nobody was impressed when I questioned if this was a good idea, because if you want to make the CEOs and the stock holders understand something, it is usually a good idea to make it accessible. The fact is that 99.9999% of the people who COULD (or at least claim to) understand this dense text and obscure staging would NOT be the people who could do anything about it.

Trust me, the CEOs are NOT taking survey classes in post-modern art.

I love it when people call themselves "elite" and ignore their own impotence....

I can see it now....

"Joe, this is Sam Walton! You should immediately raise all pay and benefits because I just read a 27 page statement at a gallery opening which made me change my mind on how I am going to run this company!"