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Wayne, not sure if you've already made your decision, but thought I'd add a point or two.

I think the FE is one of the most underrated cameras out there. It's light but not flimsy, I think the controls are laid out perfectly, and it fits perfectly in my hands (maybe not everyone's). Personally, I like the needle and scale design in the viewfinder. I also have an FE2, and it has all the same benefits, but one thing that I prefer on the FE is that it does not have the auto shut-off for the meter. In the Nikons after the FE, the meter shuts off after about 10 seconds. I find this feature annoying, especially if you're taking your time setting up a shot, or following some action though the viewfinder. The meter often shuts off at an inconvenient time, and it's one more thing to think about. With the FE, the meter stays on as long as you have the film advance lever pulled out. Even without the auto shut-off, batteries seem to last me a couple of years or more in this camera.

But if you want TTL and a higher synch speed than that of the FE (1/125), one of the later cameras might be a better choice. If you like the needle and scale viewfinder display, I think that'll limit you to the FE2 or FM3A. The FM3A is nice, but it's still quite pricey compared to a used FE or FE2. If you don't mind LCD's/LED's, then the F3HP is a nice choice, and it's coming down in price. If you wear glasses, the HP viewfinder is great (it's big and allows you to see the whole frame, even with glasses on). The only think I don't like is the LCD display with +/- reading, but I guess that's just a matter of what you're used to.

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Actually I have not moved on my decision yet, partly due to the holidays and somewhat to indecision. My whole motive is be firmly in one camp and not divided between newer Nikon and an older Canon system which I also own.

My preference is for needle displays, and I can get around the synch speed. Battery turnoff is also always a pain to me. But what is the battery needs of the FE, and what are the weak points of the camera mechanical wise?