JANUARY 2 to 6

If you have not signed up PLEASE do so ASAP...

We have great group rates at a great motel at the gate of Zion..

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Monday Jan. 2:
Getting to know one another, talking about logistics. Exploring the canyon in the PM.
7M "Perception and Visual Content, what makes a great image? - and why?"

Tusday January 3:
Zion Canyon end of road. parking area. Pre-exposure to control contrast for BW and color. - and for controlling shadow color when shooting color transparency material.
Basic tripod usage. Basic view camera technique. How to analyze the scene and set up your camera quickly. Reciprocity...

Exploring Zion Canyon.

7PM. Claire Curran - one of the finest nature color photographers around will show off some of her 4X5 transparencies and talk about how to get the most out of your color emulsions. Claire also knows the area extremely well and has photographed all over the Southwest for many years. In addition to visiting the Wave she has other recommendations that she believes are equally interesting - or perhaps better.

Wednesday January 4:
We divide into small groups and photograph either in the Canyon or around Grafton Ghost town, Southwest of Springdale.
7PM: Shawn Kielty will talk about composition, how to understand the basics, but perhaps more about how to break these basic rules.

The Wave or White Pocket - or any other destination away from Springdale. We need to talk about logistics Tuesday night and Wednesday AM, in order for everyone to make a decision on where to go...

Late Dinner.

Friday AM:
Looking at prints, transparencies. The future of photographic paper now that Kodak and Agfa have pulled out of the paper market. No more AZO, no more Polymax Fine Art, no more Agfa Brovira...


At this point in time several people plan to drive home. Others may stay and photograph around Zion or the plateau?