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I understand your frustration, if a product was made in my country I'd expect to be able to buy it there too.

With all the new arrangements going on has anyone in the UK thought to ask Ilford if they would supply it ex factory, where you would have to pick it up in person. I can't see how that would upset UK or US distributors.

just a thought

Hi Clayton,

I guess my frustration is showing! I agree and I would happily drive the 240 miles or so to collect the film.

I suppose it's still early days and the possibility of a European supplier is still there? I'll see what Ilford say when they return from their holidays.

Ilford has consistantly said they would not deal directly with the public, so I suspect any chances are through an existing Ilford dealer. I will speak to Silverprint and Robert White after the holidays. Just maybe?

Regards and all the very best for the New Year.